704 Roundup

In progress… Crudely Staying Sane Essential here is what Alys outlines below. Can an artistic intervention truly bring about an unforeseen way of thinking, or is it more a matter of creating a sensation of “meaninglessness” that shows the absurdity of the situation? The recognition of the need for self destruction and integrating failure into […]


Having focused on proposal for 705 I have been slack on the blog front. I have continued to play with chromaKey and layering of moving image and performative actions. This is bringing some interesting results and as my confidence with Creative Cloud progresses it is opening up new areas of interest in terms of possible […]

Televisual Resolution Crit 260319

Extensive prep for upcoming show at studios and editing new moving image works after performative actions has taken much time over the last 2 weeks. Plus democracy and running have used a fair bit of time too. Premiere pro is a beast and I am having to reverse engineer my plans as I work. Some […]

ZOOMAR ! MirthQuakes

“Any number, but make sure is Farenheit.” “My brother-in-law he sweat.” surgeon / sturgeon in 5 minutes, 4 minutes The name of the man who murdered your father was …END Blue bows: “Stop playing that tuba!” – catch bullets, shoot through tuba Percy Dovetonsils “In a way he was right, it was brown.” Luigi “he […]

Diffused surfaces

Initial stills from recent physical research into diffraction as an active mode of inquiry

A brothers chuckle

To you A preliminary test of format to enable free flow of thoughts and words to be paired with more reflective writing. To me Conflation Con flat I on Sift through Open the flood gates Coming over here, taking our jobs Our women Our hours Our measures Our waiting time We love a good queue […]

The Postgraduate Society Research Showcase: 150319

Does collaboration imply truer truths? I collaborate with people from geographic and politically unfamiliar cultures. Working with the fallout from this process; The forms and experiences which seep out having been irrevocably altered through edits, shifts of scale in time and space; ultimately by erasure. The intention is to generate interventions which provoke reflection upon […]