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Crudely Staying Sane

Essential here is what Alys outlines below.

Can an artistic intervention truly bring about an unforeseen way of thinking, or is it more a matter of creating a sensation of “meaninglessness” that shows the absurdity of the situation?

The recognition of the need for self destruction and integrating failure into my practice has led to strong progress and growing recognition of key drivers in my work and methods to research to further my aims.

The necessity to keep multiple areas of research concurrently moving forward and remaining open to fresh input in the Now and Here is clear. It is an essential aspect of my working practice and honest recognition of how my brain copes with the world.

Stimulus is, at times, overwhelming. Thus the facility to relieve the pressure, which my work provides is indispensable.

Newly integrated technologies bolster the ability to work at pace and deal with ideas in what is closer to real time.

A focus on research for my 705 proposal has led to a lack of attention to blogging my activity in the studio. This is ongoing but at a slower pace due to theory research.

Material research is picking up again. Arduino units integrated with common objects in my artistic vernacular are generating fresh possibilities.

Having spent a greater proportion of my time reading and writing I have found myself sketching in notebooks more frequently. This assists with processing and recording new ideas whilst studio tim is limited.

Without becoming blinkered and overly focused on 705 and the final show I am planning ahead and have key requirements and timings for resources mapped out.

I successfully applied for funding for the Tropical Labs Symposium this Summer. This was a great boost as the knowledge I can write a successful funding bid is confidence building.

With premiere pro I am finding a good marriage between my requirement to show the corrections and errors in the production of a work and the software’s innate ‘clean’ finish.

Recent work at the RLB101 show was well received alongside my own pleasure in seeing a multi-layered piece succeed.

Psychodynamic practices, sculptural assemblage, moving image and audio are simultaneously employed to illuminate not just my own lived subjectivities. Disidentification building upon posthuman research opens avenues of approach which enable me to draw upon aspects of identity and theory which pry open the cracks in established delimited boundaries.

A requirement for indeterminate frontiers is innate and …

In progress…

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