WB290118 I don’t hate Marmite

A difficult week but I still managed to get some studio time in. Fractive but some propositions to ponder in the space.

A very interesting paper on consciousness being the manifestation of entropy has fed my thinking this week.

More notes for essay are accumulating whilst I have been helping Donna Mitchell prepare for her Critique this week. Good to see another’s working practice in more detail and dialogue about it.

Michael Bowdidge has replied to my request to cite his writing. This is fantastic as aside from the obvious material and process commonalities, our approach to “stuff” theoretically is very close.

A charity shop raid yielded a bizarrely unique object which is causing trouble in the studio. Reminding me that process is paramount. Composition and finish are to be de-graded | de-escalated | de-jected

There are more images to follow of second stint of studio play on this work

Finally able to escape the house a walk enabled a few video experiments. A few stills are captured here . These exist as images of reflection in their own right but I shall work on the footage further. I kept the phone camera at arms length by my side to record the path. It ended up, up ended, as the phone was backwards headed. It gives an interesting pace and direction to the footage. We will see what comes out. I am resistant to spending prolonged periods in front of the screen editing though.


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