WB220118 Macro Micro

This week was up and down but fruitful. More sustained studio time and playing with a range of materials and media again. With Screen Sketches, Sketches in Aberrant Decoding and Screen grab rub I’ve played with broken/modified screens and sounds and drawing directly onto the screen then printing and drawing from that.

L2r002 grn space

Reading for the essay is good and becoming increasingly focused. Several new supporting texts will assist bringing the central argument together. See Autizomic being and topology of now here

Manning and Sinclair bring essential here regarding Autism and differing forms of being

I still have the questions below to ponder and answer:

do you make and then reflect on what is working and then remove and edit?

Do you bring a curator in to help you or is this notion of value or what is good not pertinent to the work you are making?

Domestic materials and their use in my practice

How does this relate to value of and in reference to the work?

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