WB150118 In The Membrane

Assessment brings panic as a first reaction in my brain however the process has been very useful in terms of taking stock of progress and the development of my research practice this semester (a word I still cannot accept as real). I pared down to 8 slides and had to add one in for the balance that 9 (3 x3 ) brings. Click the image to see _______>

A+A were brilliant and have given me good focus for development. See my Reflection notes here <__________There

Writing : The more I get used to writing on here the more confidence I gain and am trusting my initial blurtings more often. I finished a proposal for PRACTICE AS RESEARCH conference in March, in what for me is record time.

Progress is here in a strong sense of practice | research and thinking concerns converging. A tentative hybridity is occuring which I think has been hard won. The SCRUNCH thinking has been rattling around for several years now and I am excited that it has reemerged as a key aspect of my practice.

Structure, who would have thought it? I am gaining a robust structure to my research practice which encourages not encroaches on freedom in the studio and the brain.

Plan Mondays have to be Studio days as an essential habit. The newer studio still needs to bed in and feel like home.

Community is a growing concern again. I have made a good start to kicking this work off again and will continue to firm up the possibilities here.

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