WB271217 That was the week that was

Following James’ talk I spent two days helping him hang Bounce | Catch. Thanks to Geoff Cox for seeing out common theoretical and material concerns. A very enjoyable and productive two days.


I also did the first of the Grow Stonehouse Bombs – From Milosh with <3

I have been sifting the thousands of images from Royal William Yard residency and will have them in a browseable form before 12th and tutorials.

I am behind with reading but this is not crucial atm as studio time is squeezed and I feel a good sense of confidence regarding the theoretical direction and critical reflection is building well.

Looking to focus on applying for a residency asap aswell as putting a proposal together by the end of the week for early 2018.

Studio focus was getting organised and clearing the decks post yard and other afterdumps. However I did get a good play with simple motors and robot draftsmen began a conversation.

At the cost of much hair and skin from both knees the floor is now fit for purpose and i feel the space is ready for a solid stint of work and play.


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