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Thalweg | Talweg

In hydrological and fluvial landforms, the thalweg is a line drawn to join the lowest points along the entire length of a stream bed or valley in its downward slope, defining its deepest channel.

In geography and fluvial geomorphology, a thalweg or talweg (/ˈtɑːlvɛɡ/) is the line of lowest elevation within a valley or watercourse.[1]

Under international law, a thalweg can denote the middle of the primary navigable channel of a waterway that defines the boundary line between states.[2][3] Also under international law, thalwegs can acquire special significance because disputed river borders are often deemed to run along the river’s thalweg.


The claustrum is a thin, irregular sheet of neurons that is attached to the underside of the neocortex in the center of the brain. It is suspected to be present in the brains of all mammals.

Theorised to be the seat of consciousness

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