Roundup 211019

It has taken a few weeks to land


Sea Saw Zig Zag completed. Process executed over nearly 2 hours in the Fowey River


Excellent tutorial with JC in which I attempted to cover all the ground covered in the last 3 months

Fischli and Weiss

Bas Jan Ader

Time, speed | pace of action


Michael Chekhov workshop with Gretchen Egolf

Fantastic day which has given much food for thought for the direction of practice and embodiment of intent



Decolonising the Monument – V interesting and poignant talk with localised and embodied responses to national and local trauma


PEP talk – excellent to see researchers touching upon the Metaphor issues that I encounter. RM writing on Joshua Sofaer covering Metonymy. Quick talk concerning my research into Metalepsis (Metonym of a metonym) and potential PhD.


First full studio day since summer. Pentimento experiments with 4K camera. Some strong results and moving image tests

Embodied gestures replete in themselves. Not operating as Metaphor

Other research includes:

Objects: Cope, Andrew

Like Haraway’s situated knowledge, my art-making methodology maintains that
embodied experiences provide for a significant encounter with things in their potential
to understand human relationships with objects. Moreover, the pursuit of new object
experiences cannot be represented or engaged through conventional intellectual
methods alone because these tend to gift authority to the very perspectives that sustain
familiar ways of seeing (which I am trying to overcome) as they refer to accepted
linguistic standards and structures.

Challenging Fragmentation: Overcoming
the Subject-Object Divide through the
Integration of Art-Making and Material
Culture Studies
Cope, Andrew


No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. Heraclitus

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