"We are the perfect, depoliticized, complacent neoliberal subjects."

“When the stories that manage our desires break their promises over and over, the stories themselves become fuel for change and open a space for new, radical stories. These new stories must feature collective demands that provide a critical perspective on the real limits to success in our society and foster a vision of life that does fulfill the desire for self-actualization.”

“The US, in a sample of 13 wealthy countries, ranks highest in inequality and lowest in intergenerational earnings mobility. Wealth isnt earned fresh in each new generation by plucky go-getters. It is passed down, preserved, and expanded through generous tax laws and the assiduous transmission of social and cultural capital.” – Nicole Aschoff

Read Janice Peck

Only in this version of reality can Oprah Trump I | Apple | Steve Jobs and be referred to as one of the worlds  best neoliberal capitalist thinkers

O = Oprah

I = Steve ‘Apple’ Jobs

Cultural Capital + Social Capital = Economic Capital


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