MCAP 702 Summary

Throughout the semester I have continued to further my objectives from 701 and strengthened my practice whilst experimenting, taking on new challenges and firming up my critical framework.

Having had a bit of a health wobble at the beginning of this Semester I have recovered well and my practice is more energetic, vital and robust.

I have taken on audio and video and managed to find a way of working with them which fits my practice and intent. Building on the successes of 701, my confidence to suspend panic when things are precarious, in terms of exploring new territory, has grown significantly.

I have incorporated timebased media into many works in a variety of ways. It feels right to continue to treat them with an air of Luddite allotment tech.

A selection of recent shorts

Key to this ease with a wider range of media is giving myself license to allow Theatre into the practice. Having discussed my prior avoidance of what could be seen as Theatrical with Tabitha it seemed a sensible next step to take this on. The work presented at Crit in Feb was a first exercise in this.

Presenting a range of works, each with a definite identity but also working as a network of objects in space to be negotiated by the body. Projection was used effectively in both the making of the work and its presentation.

One ongoing challenge is to sift the audio and video I have collected to identify the material which I want to take forward into new works.

My Crit with Michael Bowdidge was very positive and gave me an opportunity to engage with a practitioner who has similar physical concerns and theoretical approach to practice. I chose to present a new piece for critique and the risks I took with it paid off. His enthusiasm for my work and theoretical approach was heartening. Michael made a key point regarding the pivot point upon which the tension in my work balances. This has given me a good form of word to articulate certain concerns and to keep in mind when making critical judgements.

The Rolf Harris Stylophone has a mobile phone taped to it with the video below playing. This footage was shot with he camera on the phone whilst placed on top of the Stylophone as the stretched audio of Black Thought’s breath was played through the Stylophone.

The microphone on the floor plays the audio from a performance in which I repeated the phrases “Are you waiting for the speaker” and “Is the speaker waiting for you” repeatedly back to back until my voice failed.

I lead a workshop at the Practice as Research Conference, which was a success in terms of the outcomes on the day and by it feeding back into my research and practice.

I currently have new work being shown at Exeter Art Week at Phoenix as part of a group show with MA peers.

In collaboration with several people I will also be taking part in Plymouth Art Weekender.

As part of a group I have applied for funding for projects working with Hamoaze House charity as well as organising some workshops for their users.

Having applied to be considered for the Tropical Labs Conference in Singapore I have been given first refusal for 2019.

My critical writing and theoretical research has strengthened whilst taking on the written assignment. I have chosen a focus which is embedded in my practice and thus this is feeding back into the studio. After an initial slog I feel a confidence with the written word returning. Whether that confidence embodies any improvement or material of merit remains to be seen!

My intent is to further investigate the implications of theatre in my practice and how that will manifest both physically and digitally. I have begun discussing a work with a writer and poet which aims at a collaboration and potentially a theatre based performance outcome.

I am looking forward to next year with confidence having made good use of my first year. Already I feel I have a stronger base in terms of practice, research and connectedness to other artists and organisations. This for me has been quite a challenge as the idea of networking makes me panic.