KARST install notes 010320


Image credit to Helge Mruck

The space of KARST has a strong structure and asked for a response to its rhythm. 

Column | square | light

Bringing my current research focuses to the space demanded a physical response prior to install. For this I decided to carry out a sequence of actions that progressed through the central passage of KARST. This initial impulse was developed into a continuous zig zag incorporating each column. Fusing recent work with Chroma-key to those using folded fabrics to frame gesture, the action began shrouded in green cloth working towards an assemblage presenting my shaven right leg dangling from a barrel.

To answer the rigid structure of KARST i decided upon a set of defined constrains for exercises carried out within the space:

  • At any given time, only one limb to be visible / exterior to the green cloth
  • Each column visited would present an object
  • Each object would be included in the unfolding journey
  • Each object would interact with the previous one (cloth-hand-tape-hand-cloth-hand-glass-hand-pigment-hand-razor-glass-hand-cloth-leg-cloth-razor-leg-razor-glass-razor-leg
  • leg-cloth-leg-cloth-leg-barrel-leg-cloth-leg-barrel-leg

This developed in realtimespace as various factors imposed upon the system planned

Mirrored sequence

“The sense of tragic Phallic solemnity is exploded by the joyful laughter of Alice in Wonderland, who proclaims that it is all a pack of cards and that the emperor is naked.” Braidotti p67

Slipped into the form of a question this statement enables seepage between the modes and limits of identity here.


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