JR Intro rough notes

Good afternoon and welcome. This week our Artist Talk is from JR Carpenter

It is entitled

On Confusing and Confounding Boundaries Between Physical and Digital, Code and Narrative, Home and Away

I am Gary Marshall-Stevens and am a postgrad studying Contemporary Artistic Practice

We have been asked to introduce visiting artists and I volunteered to introduce JR as I have a history with code and we hold research interests which overlap somewhat.

Rather than give an outline of JR’s practice, as she will do that far more eloquently than I, I shall read you the shortest bio from her site:

“J. R. Carpenter is an award-winning artist, writer, performer, postdoctoral researcher, and maker of maps, zines, books, poetry, short fiction, long fiction, non-fiction, and non-linear, intertextual, hypermedia, and computer-generated narratives. ”

Given the context of Atlantic Dialogues and a recurring theme which I have spotted here at Plymouth, that being Cats.

That being: Amanda Russell – my library Information Specialist peppered her induction presentation with cat images

And Maddy’s Cat reference last week when introducing Simon Morrisey

Quoting Maddy “Cats and kittens often fall into my presentations ~^.^~”

Given the cat thread

I have a quote from Shroedinger concerning his famous feline thought experiment, it’s interpretation and clouds. The latter being entities which JR encounters in both their physical and digital manifestations.

 Schroedinger states that cases such as that outlined in his thought experiment can

Prevent ” us from so naively accepting as valid

a “blurred model” for representing reality.

In itself, it would not embody anything unclear or contradictory.

There is a difference between a shaky or out-of-focus photograph and

a snapshot of clouds and fog banks. “

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