Idea Dump 271117

Cosmo top tips : 01

Use a blue farmer water hose to siphon the river by mouth initially into a container to be filtered by large wads of cotton wool. The water then flows back to the river.

Cleansed and reinvigorated

Cosmo top tips : 02 AKA Cry Me A River

Using a car battery to heat a metal plate to be an extra step in the process outlined in CTT01. The river drips onto the metal plate and is evaporated onto a cold collecting plate (possibly glass) to condense and then return to the main body. The metal plate will need to be scraped periodically to remove deposits of impurities.

Cosmo top tips : 03

Add a set of teeth to the system for the water to flow through and for impurities to collect | build up in.

Instructions for a Gallery work 01

Place a motor and single AA battery power source within an inflated | soft | cloth : maleable sculptural construction to cause it to move and generate sound.

Gallery invigilator to be supplied with a stock of rechargeable batteries and a mains charger. The invigilator will change the battery when required by the system and record the time as accurately as possible in the journal supplied. The invigilator will also take a photograph of the journal record and upload it to instagram @gms369art with hashtags #IGW01 # ? ? ? ? ? ?

The gallery’s power will be used to fuel the work.

A loop of activity | work | image and meaning generation fueled by the Gallery as institution and physical entity/institution

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