Heuristic Hiatus

The fact that capitalism produces its own forms of possessive individualism, narcissism and paranoia, and controlled mobility is significant.

Rosi Braidotti

Francesca Ferrando – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw1ZFGyQZ0U

Can an artistic intervention truly bring about an unforeseen way of thinking, or is it more a matter of creating a sensation of “meaninglessness” that shows the absurdity of the situation?

‘Poetic licence operates like a hiatus – an “agent provocateur”, a short circuit – into the atrophy of a situation that finds itself in a state of political, social, confessional, ethnic, economic or military crisis or lethargy. Through the absurd and some-times impertinent nature of the poetic act, art provokes a moment of suspended meaning, a sensation of senselessness that may reveal the absurdity of the situation. Via this act of transgression, the poetic act makes one step back for an instant from the circumstances. In short, it may make one look at things differently.’

Francis Alÿs

The dream of a suitable political work of art is in fact the dream of disrupting the relationship between the visible, the sayable, and the thinkable without having to use terms of a message as a vehicle. It is a dream of an art that would transmit meanings in the form of a rupture with the very login of meaningful situations

Jacques Ranciere : The Politics of Aesthetics


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