Critical Point

A bit of a blurt:

Criticism is generally seen as negative and a form of attack. The term Criticality feels less prone to this bagaging. Does this derive from insecurities in those receiving criticism?

Language language language

Critical can be a crucial moment, point, event

We do react to criticism both negatively and positively but as with Failure it is often avoided or resisted, labelled as a bad or threatening thing.

Critical Criticality Critique Criticism Criticise


Chomsky talk

The Haury Conversation – Noam Chomsky Talks With Toni Massaro

Outlining how Neo-Liberalism and money have gained the control they have, highlights various CRITICAL moments, events and points where the world could have been very different than today’s Merry Go Round of One Arm Bandit jingoisms

He pops Stanislav Petrov  into the mix and we are back at the dawn of 1984 in realtime | fictional time | the present

One choice, one moment of critical thinking, of criticality by Petrov enabled the spinning to continue

What I glean from Benjamin is that Proust was able to give so much time and attention to the minutia of his own existence precisely because he had the financial and social means to do so. As Susan mentioned yesterday “well Proust can.” He has the ability and criticality regarding his writing, his practice.

Can that be emulated by proxy without criticality and be valid? Or rather can it be the source or embodiment of worthwhile practice without CRITICALITY ?




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