Before Common Sense

An attempt to map a route of approach to the act of making art and it’s critique.

  • Essential to the approach is not taking up the lens of Common Sense

Common Sense here is taken from my experience of it historically both personal and societal

Steyerl references CS in Can Creatives Think, New Left Review Jan 2017

CS = Prevailing stock of assumed common conceptions of sensible and right thinking, methodology and action

Before is chosen as :

  • Action is taken in sight of the inscrutible gaze of CS – CONTEXT | CONTROL | SURVEILANCE
  • There was a time prior to the current stock of CS – HISTORY | PAST | PRE-CIVILISATION
  • Action can be taken which staves off the reasoning control implied by CS – SPEED | THE PRESENT MOMENT

Haraway lifts the lid on this

Steyerl points the way for a working space for this

Serres provides a possible method for this

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