Autizomic being

A tendency is not a method

The speciations create drifts, and these drifts create run-offs. This is not a
metaphor. When autistic perception meets the world, something is doing that
fundamentally changes the field of relation. This field of relation ‘includes’ the
‘we’ that is not ‘I’. And what it does is create a tending-toward, a procedure-forlife that is a shaping of the relational milieu of experience. ‘Practice does not come
after the emplacement of the terms and their relations, but actively participates in
the drawing of the lines; it confronts the same dangers and the same variations as
the emplacement does’.
58 Lines of drift are lines of life-living. They are
emphatically real, if abstract. They shape the trajectories of our lives and of the
more-than that animates them.” Manning : The Shape of Enthusiasm