Artist talk | Talking practice : James Charlton

“Dense interwoven narrative” – Geoff Cox on James Charlton

Alive thinking 

Practice based

Dialogue with materials

Words as material 

Deny the tedium of academic convention

Catch | Bounce

A project by James Charloton 

Towards a non-computational ‘digital’ ontology


Digital n art

Digital as discrete 

David Lewis

Analog as continuous

Non fixed to media base

How do we decide what is different?

Thing in it’s self


Object oriented philosophy

Set theory 

Nono to notion 


Russell Paradox!!! Boom x

Concrete individuals -Nelson Goodman

Expanded field R Krauss

“Them” being objects both discrete and analog

Post object art 

Phil Dadson

Jim Allen

Think outside our own terms

Steyerl loops deny this discreteness?

Mereology – of parts and wholes

Jim allen : News equals a circulated non state work 

Jan Verwoert on artistic agency

Make art is primary  | Not being an artist

Material practice falls apart when you contemplate the relationship with the audience

Back to Picasso present not represent

Rateman Nathan MAD thesis exhib

Reflexivity causes necrosis

Extreme self-consciousness

Work of the artists

Work of the audience

Critical distance is stiffling

Invert heidegger

Shaun mcniff

Co-constitution – not subject object dialectics

Heidehger being in time

Ontology is how not what

Harman what things really are is events


Enter dah dah dah



Function of practice as knowledge generator and evolution


Barbera bolt



Thy belltower of love

Audience agency

Reject explicitivity