Art, Snails and Aquatic Crisis

Combination of expertise


Anthropocentrism –

Debbie Robinson – Prof contemporary art practice

Genomics forum – malaria , welcome Trust


Simon Rundle – PRof Aquatic Biology

Evolution of species and limits by environment conditions etc


David Strange – IDAT in absentia

RADIX – Their Collaborations

DR – outline 4 RADIX projects from 2010

Blastophere -cell division

SR – video – aquatic snail embryos – interest in how these organisms develop

Developmental milestones and their timing

Adapt to climate and other external conditions

DR – Science places the object of study

RADIx is to move away from this – recognise the otherness as valid and away from instrumentalised human futures

ATRIA – 2 hearted snail embryo

larval heart and adult heart

the former becomes reabsorbed

optic flow tech – sound works with DS

SR – Wandering Snail

Noise as a factor – field impact on lab research and art approach

Taxonomy evolves and incorporates the lived being|agency of the snail species

bored taxonomists or because new species are added or new approaches used to classify and identify


Raided old container of equipment and used as catalyst for show

Snails in a suitcase

Salinity – didactic display

underlying thread – Lynaeus first identified the species – a reading was transmitted through shelving

this fed into noisy embryos

Lynaeus –

SCience is restrained within the lab but LYnny was early naturalist – forefather of taxonomy – binominal – genus and species

Was a wandering soul – Sweden, gotland – noisy embryos came from this . 1741 – RADIX/helix Balthica- type locality

RADIX – carried out pilgrimage to Gotland to follow Lynaues wanderings and the wandering snails

But what was the plan ? GEt data, freeform and engage with the location and almost method acting into snail form

Decentre as a human to open up to environment

Play with footage and hangout together

REsulted in film =

tarkovsky – sacrifice filmed here – Nuclear threat impending sound penetrates domestic

he embraces slowness as do the snail

Broken go pro enabled loosening up of method and less control – break of habits

Shoot in b and w from inside a shell,

GMS- Where does the art arise out of the constraints of research?

Ruskin gallery

HUMAN Vs MAchine – graph – field notes and lynaeus text interwoven

SUSAN – How non anthropocentric?

does this feedback into science research? to change /shift methodology

Simon – Awareness of caring for other species – speceism – no to change scientist approach

Ds – transdisciplinary work – new research qs

home office permit if vertibrate, moving towards some invertibrates.

if periwinkles make millions is ok as only one may bloom

GC – how is benefit to scientists to collab with artists?

S – avoid chasing latest fad issue and focus on larger planetary concerns

Holistic approach

GC – how doe science collab inform artistic research – how conceptualise practice

D – take apart own methods, not rely on presuppositions.

measuring is where approaches differ.

It helps undo you, break down habits.

S – Do we as artists see the benefits of and reason for this collab?


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