78 – 1

The task is to reject the binary opposition position but not to be caught up in a distraction of liminal evangelising for a position of obfuscation.

Not the pastiche or parody or comodification of difference but embrace for variance and presence

Steyerl uses the idea that we go past the model with petabytes of data we can go with the actual event of experience in real time

circulationism is a term to cover the fact that a text or image can be infinitely and instantly circulated and appropriated

But can we bend this to enable a cutting through of power and dominance ?

Can we aquire enough PAce – see Serres – to simultaneously break free of the atmosphere and achieve a new stable orbit whilst condensing the spacetime . Or does the latter facilitate the former?

By traveling in two directions can we cause a crumple | scrunch | buckling to enable a topological break and pierce the fabric of the present.



Tollerance of variation

Intollerance of Coercion and