A Bit Of Give And Take

A Bit Of Give And Take brings together luddite experiments to invite reflection upon a way of being. TAKEN 281018-301018 yielded an image which puts into doubt a memory and belief. The print you see and hear is an analogue iteration of a digital process which exists in the space between that memory and that […]

Do You Mind Background for Shoot

For our forthcoming show TRACK [001] I am working on a new install which will include a video using the Simpsons cloud intro loop as a background.

Can You Tell . . .

A very worthwhile day today, critting with Michael Bowdidge Some brilliant ideas and approaches to practice discussed and a good opportunity to get feedback on a new accumulation test run. This piece plays on the phone mounted on Stylophone with audio going to right channel into Stylophone and audio from Are You waiting for the […]