Bytom 070919 | 210919

Kronika 070910 – 190919 6 physical interventions in the public spaces of the city Bytomka Talweg Sea Saw Bytomka Suteishi Space Lionheart Sweet dreams, I love you Barbie Dreams Ongoing digital and analogue intervention Bolek #000   3 workshops with two groups from the community of Bytom.   Supporting this work is a very physical […]

Copenhagen Sea Saw
Copenhagen See Saw

1 X Saw 1 X Contact microphone 2 X Crocodile leads 1 X Aux in 1 X Morantz audio recorder 1 X pair headphones 1 X body of water 1 X creature

Sea Saw Singapore

Sea Saw Singapore is a new action performed for Tropical Lab 13 : Erasure Previous actions in the series required the cutting of rivers (whilst walking backwards across the current) with a hand saw. The aim? To help reduce rising sea levels. With Sea Saw Singapore 36 kilograms of ice was placed over a drain […]

One Little White Lies

3 x rubber cords 1 x orange 1 x public space 1 x anchor point in space 1 x person 1 x anchor point on person

Party of One

  Components A cupboard A chair A person 148 balloons Stuff the balloons into trouser pockets Action Emptying one’s lungs into each balloon, roughly two and a half full breaths to fill. One begins with pattern and firm focus on each act of deflation into expansion. The pattern of left pocket, right pocket is lost […]