Catch a Train

  Take one robust mousetrap, load with your bait of choice attached to a generous length of fishing wire. Approaching your nearest railway signal, attach the loose end of the wire to the signal lever. Find a suitable hide and wait. There is no guarantee that you will be successful in this.  


Roman Signer Time-Sculpture meets Francis Alys spliced onto SpongeBob identity politics with the physicality and brilliantly haptic nonsense of Tommy Cooper. Time-sculpture investigates the transformation of materials through time, focusing the viewer’s attention on the experience of the event, the changes wrought, and the forces involved. Variously combining three-dimensional objects, live action, still photography and moving-image […]

Sea Saw

Take a sturdy finetoothed saw, the type is not important, but a jacksaw is best. Walk your saw to the nearest river and enter the water from the warmest bank. Proceed to saw the surface of the river vigorously whilst making your way, backwards, this is most important, to the other riverbank. Repeat this often […]