From Singularity to Constellation

… one with more than the virtues of completeness, harmony, and competence. It is a promise that the world is about to be increased. Ortega Y Gassett   Beginning with singularity Expanse level n attained Time Over Space   Time/Space | TimeSpace | SpaceTime Space/Time  

Roundup 041119

A very slow week with brain in reverse Some editing and reading research covered Executed process document in progress to assist reflecction and future potentials WIP here —> UNTOLD PDF ONLINE Hyperidentification with an arguably mis-coded subject at infinite Dpi = Hyper-Dis-Identification ? A Singular Single user At a singularity Infinite mass Ultimate penitence

Roundup 281019

Most free time this week has been focused on editing and prep for Kronika show in December. Research is coming together to underpin current methodology in practice. Each process executed is finer tuning my perception of intentions and future development potential.  

Ant : No Fool

These insect societies have been astoundingly successful. sa far as concerns survival power. They seem to have a past extending over tens of thousands of years, perhaps of millions of years. It is the greatest of mistakes to believe that it has required the high·grade intelligence of mankind to construct an elaborate social organization. A […]

Roundup 211019

It has taken a few weeks to land 071019 Sea Saw Zig Zag completed. Process executed over nearly 2 hours in the Fowey River 081019 Excellent tutorial with JC in which I attempted to cover all the ground covered in the last 3 months Fischli and Weiss Bas Jan Ader Time, speed | pace of […]

Bas Jan Ader

“A white body of a man, rocked in the arms of the waves, Is very small too.” From Johanna Adriana Ader-Appels’ poem From the Deep Waters of Sleep, 12 October 1975 19 his mother

Bytom 070919 | 210919

Kronika 070910 – 190919 6 physical interventions in the public spaces of the city Bytomka Talweg Sea Saw Bytomka Suteishi Space Lionheart Sweet dreams, I love you Barbie Dreams Ongoing digital and analogue intervention Bolek #000   3 workshops with two groups from the community of Bytom.   Supporting this work is a very physical […]

Anne Frank’s Monkey

River Moustache resin + pixels Battle Brain Draw Sports Matches Substance Spaces BOLEK BOLEK BOLEK BOLEK BOLEK BOLEK LION PULL ROCK PULL paper? scissors? RUN ROPE LEG

Bolek #000

Originally released into the city of Bytom , Poland in August 2019 Drawing on childhood memories of Cold War news to bring Lech Walesa’s moustache into the 21st Century for a new audience. The moustache has been digitised and prepared for mass distribution.     Print your own or cut out a friends: PL: Polish […]

Copenhagen Sea Saw
Copenhagen See Saw

1 X Saw 1 X Contact microphone 2 X Crocodile leads 1 X Aux in 1 X Morantz audio recorder 1 X pair headphones 1 X body of water 1 X creature

Carbon Neuter : Benny Hood meets Robin Hill

1 X Toy Bow 3 X Toy arrows (with suckers) 1 X length of string 3 X Bungee cords n X Aeroplanes 1 X Mountin   Croatia Overlooking Split Airport A tough scramble up the mountain for two and a half miles to the peak and the cross Assemble components Wait Listen Look Carbon Neuter

Sea Saw Singapore

Sea Saw Singapore is a new action performed for Tropical Lab 13 : Erasure Previous actions in the series required the cutting of rivers (whilst walking backwards across the current) with a hand saw. The aim? To help reduce rising sea levels. With Sea Saw Singapore 36 kilograms of ice was placed over a drain […]

Black Board

To see an ocean in every drop, to see a leopard in every spot…

One Little White Lies

3 x rubber cords 1 x orange 1 x public space 1 x anchor point in space 1 x person 1 x anchor point on person

704 Roundup

In progress… Crudely Staying Sane Essential here is what Alys outlines below. Can an artistic intervention truly bring about an unforeseen way of thinking, or is it more a matter of creating a sensation of “meaninglessness” that shows the absurdity of the situation? The recognition of the need for self destruction and integrating failure into […]


Having focused on proposal for 705 I have been slack on the blog front. I have continued to play with chromaKey and layering of moving image and performative actions. This is bringing some interesting results and as my confidence with Creative Cloud progresses it is opening up new areas of interest in terms of possible […]