A Bit Of Give And Take

A Bit Of Give And Take brings together luddite experiments to invite reflection upon a way of being. TAKEN 281018-301018 yielded an image which puts into doubt a memory and belief. The print you see and hear is an analogue iteration of a digital process which exists in the space between that memory and that…


Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art Fine Art – Sculpture  

Chillida’s Window

A response to Chillida’s use of space and material. His sense of presence compacted into a highly dense space is of great interest visually and theoretically.

About Getting Out 03

The largest piece in the series hangs from a suspended panel. It combines Multiple wooden elements connected to the lower piece via a pendular length of steel bar. The lower element is formed from dozens of 2″ X 2″ sections shot together and shaped. There is an additional capping section which tops off this element…